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"Let out a one-second party"... "Oh yeah!" "Too slow"... "Mighty groan!" "Give Juan a 10 finger wooo"... "Wooo!" These are a few phrases you might hear in a Whole Brain Teaching (WBT) classroom where the learning process is anything but traditional! Over the last decade WBT strategies have been created, polished, and re-polished to foster an intensely engaging classroom setting for all students, from Pre-K through the collegiate level. Why so prolific? When pedagogy lights up the whole brain from the executive functioning frontal lobe to deep inside the emotionally charged limbic system, the process is very successful. Whether learning improper fractions or the Revolutionary War, the engagement and neural connections are amplified through the use of a few simple techniques. These steps build what's known as the WBT game board- a visual diagram representing the steps to teaching heaven!   WBT naturally produces a student-centered learning environment in which students do most of the teaching! Perhaps a WBT newbie would raise a brow or two; however, the scaffolding to create such independence is precise and intentional. For example, the teacher consistently uses a looping strategy to deliver instruction, hence the WBT game board. Therefore, after ample modeling students naturally pick up the loop and become the teacher at any given moment. Every student is accountable, and every brain is with its body in the classroom, engaged in learning!


Start date: 07/25/18

1 session

Days of the Week : Weekly - Wed .

Tuition: $0.00

Location : Center Mezzanine Location : 
  Center Mezzanine.

Instructor : TBD TBD 

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